Resident Evil 4: Remake is also coming to the PS4

While the remake of “Resident Evil 4” is still awaited until next March, another supported platform has been confirmed. It’s the PS4.

Resident Evil 4: Remake is also coming to the PS4
The remake of “Resident Evil 4” will also be released for PlayStation 4 in addition to the already announced versions for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC (Steam), as Capcom announced today. Nothing changes on the date. The launch will take place on March 24, 2023 for all of the confirmed platforms.

While no further information about the game was revealed, Capcom also announced today that it will be hosting a Resident Evil Showcase livestream in October with more news to share.

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Resident Evil 4: Remake is also coming to the PS4
Resident Evil 4: Remake is also coming to the PS4

Save the President’s daughter in Resident Evil 4

The game is based on the original 2005 action horror classic directed by Shinji Mikami and first released on the GameCube. Releases on other platforms followed over the years.

Set in the fall of 2004, Resident Evil 4 puts players in the role of Leon S. Kennedy, who survived his experiences in Raccoon City several years earlier and is serving as a hardened government agent for President Graham. The gameplay involves traveling to a remote region of Europe to rescue Graham’s kidnapped daughter, Ashley, from a mysterious organization.
According to Capcom, the Resident Evil 4 remake will retain the essence of the original game while offering “modernized gameplay, a reimagined storyline and vivid, detailed graphics.”

“This time, the game is being developed to achieve the most modern quality for a survival horror fit for the year 2023 while keeping the essence of the original game,” said Capcom.

More Resident Evil 4 news:

Iconic camerawork was never meant to be a “breakthrough innovation.”
Video compares remake to original
As mentioned at the beginning, the remake of “Resident Evil 4” will be released on March 24, 2023 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. Further reports about the game are listed in our topic overview.

Capcom utilizes the Tokyo Game Show and deliveries a little update to the change of Resident Evil 4, which will be delivered in Walk 2023.

During a live occasion, the distributer affirmed that the revamp will be delivered for PlayStation 4 close by the PS5. You might want to share more subtleties in October, where another Resident Evil Exhibit is arranged. The Xbox One, then again, is likely forgotten about as a stage.

Resident Evil 4 Change

Resident Evil 4 Change
The change will be a cutting edge reevaluation of the 2005 work of art, as indicated by chief Yasuhiro Ampo and maker Yoshiaki Hirabayashi. As per Capcom, the advancement group intends to draw out the first game’s feeling of depression and apprehension about foes dazed by devotion .

Resident Evil at TGS
Capcom’s web-based Tokyo Game Show 2022 timetable likewise shared new glances at the impending Resident Evil Town DLC, remembering a review of Ethan Winter’s new movements for the fan-expected Third Individual Mode.

The video likewise dug into the misshaped universe of the Megamycete’s psyche to offer a new interpretation of the revulsions of Shadows of Rose. In this new story, which starts 16 years after the fundamental game, Rose Winters looks for a method for losing her powers. Simultaneously, she should utilize these to endure her experiences with the Face Eaters, as her capacities can daze them adequately long to focus on their points of weakness or keep away from them completely.

At last, there was a review of the new characters in The Hired fighters Extra Orders, including Woman Dimitrescu, who can bring a multitude of bugs to overcome her foes.

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